Find all the accessories you need for 3D printing: tongs, spatulas, adhesives, adhesive tapes and adhesive coatings. These tools quickly become useful after a few 3D prints have been produced. Be sure to read the recommendations to choose your best equipment. The accessories are part of an essential kit for 3D printing, low prices, great results.

Purchase accessories for 3D printer

Please ask our technicians to help you make your selection. Essential accessories for good printing are: cutting pliers, adhesive lacquer, needles for unclogging the nozzle. These tools will be useful with all FDM 3D printers (deposit of melted filament). Also select glue if your pieces are large and you want to assemble them.
The epoxy adhesives for assembling the printed pieces are available in several forms, glue tube or pipette and syringe. These adhesives for PLA, ABS plastic and other plastic filaments can be used in all conditions. Makershop3D has selected the best tools for 3D printing.
The tools are part of the kit required for good 3D printing, at low prices, find all the deals and special offers on the ideal tools for removing the pieces from the printing plate or cutting filaments cleanly.
To avoid any warping or peeling of your 3D prints on your printing plate, Makershop3D offers a range of tapes or sprays aimed at preventing any printing problems related to the deformation of 3D printed pieces.

Maintenance and 3D Software

To prevent any compatibility issues with your 3D printer and European sockets, we sell you a USA/Europe adapter, but also an 8GB SD card to quickly and easily transfer your files to your 3D printer.
For maintaining your printer, we offer a range of products specially designed for this purpose such as a plate cleaner, a dust-removal aerosol or lubricant.
3D modelling software packages play a big part in the success of your printing, so we offer modelling software tailored to your needs and your skill level. We offer simplify 3D, but also 3D printer OS with a premium or education licence.



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