Filament FlashForge 

Flashforge is an American company specialised in 3D printing. They produce 3D printers aimed at individuals and professionnals. Flashforge was created in 2011, and has since sold thousands of 3D printers all over the world.

The company counts on a team of 3D printing passionate specialists. Flashforge also sells filaments for its 3D printer the Flashforge Finder, which only works with these filaments.


Flashforge filaments


Makershop sells Flashforge filaments intended for the Flashforge Finder printer. The filaments are available in 12 different colours. We sell PLA Flashforge filaments as these filaments have the advantage of being very easy to print and do not block the nozzle They will also allow a clean and faithful to your initial desire.

Finder filaments are sold in spools of 600g, with 1.75mm diameter so as to adapt perfectly to the Finder. These filaments are specially designed for the Flashgorge Finder which is one of the makes 3D printers aimed at people who wish to discover the 3D printing world.

Filament FlashForge
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