Filament for outdoor use 

All the filaments for outdoor use, these outdoor filaments hold over time and are not sensitive to changing temperatures or UV rays. Unlike some materials, the filaments offered here resist outdoor exposure over the long term.

Filament material for outdoor use

Filament materials in spools for outdoor use include ASA and PETG that are perfect for use in extreme conditions without changing shape or appearance. Printed pieces do not change colour either with the sun's UV rays and do not take on a yellowish appearance as does ABS, for example.

Outdoor filaments for outdoor applications

Filament for outdoor use remains solid in wind and sun thanks to its increased resistance to deformation, for all tests and reviews, you can find a lot of information on the product sheets with a description of each filament and its properties.

Resistant to sunlight and UV

Besides the filaments offered here, PLA or ABS are not suitable because PLA deforms in the heat and ABS yellows when exposed to the sun for several days. Outdoor use of filaments is therefore limited solely to the materials offered here.


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