Conductive filament 

Conductive filament allows an electric current to be conducted through the 3D printed prototype. More or less conductive depending on the filament used, the object may be used in various applications: printed circuits, electronic components, etc...


Be careful to take into account that the conductivity of the filament depends on the printing parameters (filling space dimensions). All the FDM 3D printers can print on the conductive filament. You do not need to have a heating plate for the ProtoPastaconductive filament, however for ESUN it is imperative to own one.

Conductive filament applications

These conductive filaments are very useful for creating pieces that have a conductivity role, like printed circuit boards or electronic components.

Conductive filament is only available in black, in a ring or spool in a 1.75mm or 2.85mm size. Conductive filament is made from PLA for the ProtoPasta one and ABS for the ESUN one. This filament is compatible with all FDM 3D printers on the market such as Ultimaker and FlashForge.

Conductive filament buying guide

The ESUN filament is a conductive filament made from ABS and very durable for outdoor use, it is resistant to weather conditions. It is also widely used in the industry for its high impact resistance and strength.

This type of filament is aimed at individuals and professionals who need to print conductive pieces, since these filaments are made from PLA or ABS, they are relatively easy to print however attention must be paid to the risk of warping that may occur during printing.

If you need advice on printing conductive filament you can contact our technical team who can advise you on the settings required on your printer. You can also find all our advice on the product sheet for each conductive filament, like the recommended print speed, the size of the filament sold, the extrusion temperature and other information on printing or the characteristics of this conductive filament.


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    • Conductive 3D ABS 3mm filament is perfect for all 3D printers that take ABS 3mm filament. This ABS filament is shock-resistant and strong. Even at high temperature, the quality of this filament remains optimal. This spool contains 500g of Esun Conductive 3D ABS 3mm filament.

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