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To buy a 3D printer at the best possible price, use our comparison tool to find a 3D printer that suits you. Filament deposit or SLA resin 3D printer, cheap, RepRap kit or professional, a wide range with free delivery. Don't forget to take a look at some 3D printer reviews and tests. Our 3D printing experts are available to answer your questions.

Before and after purchasing online: technical support, customer service, our team is at your disposal to assist you in using your printer.

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To compare 3D printers, add them to the comparison tool for a full comparison of their accuracy, print volume and printable materials: perfect for finding the best 3D printer on the internet in our online store.

3D printers are becoming increasingly popular with the general public and industry professionals. How does a 3D printer work? It's simple! A 3D file is sent to the printer, which then deposits the material, layer by layer, until the 3D print is complete.

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These 3D machines are ideal for rapid prototyping using melted filament. Parts repair, modelling, engineering and industrial applications for high-precision professional 3D printers using a fine layer of thickness for more precise details.

Second-hand models are sometimes up for grabs, with used 3D printers available for purchase in our newsletter. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out.

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Trust the number 1 for 3D printing in France. Makershop3D will advise and guide you in choosing your 3D printer. When buying a 3D printer, trust our technical team to direct you to the best in 3D. Makershop3D helps companies and individuals to buy 3D printing material for their equipment, training and related services.

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