BCN3D is a Spanish 3D printer manufacturer. BCN3D sells 3D printers which use different technologies so as to create high-quality prints. BCN3D also sells spare parts for its machines as well as filament.


BCN3D printers


BCN3D printers deliver professional quality prints by using various printing technologies : laser printing, DLP printing, FDM printing with single or double extrusion. BCN3D products will adapt to all your 3D printing needs. BCN3D+ is an open source, modular printer, which uses Fused Deposition Modeling  technology. The BCN3D is a delta kit printer which allows you to print with high accuracy. These printers are able to print all types of filament of 2.85mm and 3mm diameter. BCN3D also produces the Lux printer which uses DLP technology as well as the Ignis laser printer.

The Sigma printer uses FDM printing technology (filament deposition) and has an independant double extrusion system which makes printing with two different types of filament possible. The BCN3D Sigma is equipped with a touch screen and can print with an accuracy of 50 microns.


Spare parts for BCN3D


In order to ensure the maintenance and repair of the 3D printers, BCN3D manufactures quality spare parts to meet all your needs. BCN3D spare parts allow you to replace parts of your printer that are damaged or are no longer working. You can buy extrusion heads, fans, Bowden tubes or glass trays.

Should you need further information concerning BCN3D products, please consult our products information sheets or contact our technical team.

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