Plate adhesion 

Adhesive tools let you properly fix the 3D print to the support structure and the build plate. Several options are available such as adhesive sticky tapes or adhesive sprays made up of micro-droplets of adhesive that greatly improve adhesion of the workpiece. These accessories can reduce peeling ('warping'), increasing the success rate of your 3D prints.

Warping or peeling is a problem that can be encountered with large-volume pieces or those with a large surface area in contact with the printing plate. The corners have a tendency to peel or warp. This phenomenon is even more common when printing in ABS, a plastic with a high shrinkage rate.

The first thing to do is increase the plate temperature (60°C for PLA and 100°C for ABS). You can then apply Kapton or blue masking tape to the print plate (except glass plates). It is recommended you apply glue or spray adhesive to the Kapton.

For glass plates, 3DLAC or Dimafix glue or spray work very well and provide excellent adhesion and prevent peeling problems. All our advice is featured in the product descriptions, and our expert technicians are also available to solve all your problems.
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