Ultimaker filament 

All original manufacturer Ultimaker filaments are available on the Makershop3d.com shop, Ultimaker consumables are optimised for their own brand printers. Ultimaker filament has an exceptional quality, vivid colours and superior quality suitable for machines with automatic adjustment of the print settings.


Purchasing Ultimaker filaments


Makershop3D offers the full range of Ultimaker filaments and among these consumables you will find PLA, this material is very simple to print and allows you to print a large number of non-functional prototypes in a variety of colours. Ultimaker also offers you its ABS filaments, which are very useful for the creation of mechanical pieces, ABS has the advantage of being very resistant to temperature changes. Finally Ultimaker offers its CPE filaments for the creation of functional prototypes.


Ultimaker filaments on sale on Makershop3D


Ultimaker filaments are available in different materials such as PLA, ABS and CPE. Ultimaker filaments are aimed at Ultimaker printers and are only available in 2.85mm diameter, they allow Ultimaker owners to easily print their prototypes with filaments made for their own machines. Moreover Ultimaker filaments are easier to print and of very high quality.


Ultimaker filaments at the best price


If you have any questions or need information about Ultimaker filaments, you can contact our support team via the contact section of our website and they will answer all your questions.



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