Antimicrobial filament / free from endocrine disruptors 

An antimicrobial filament is a filament for 3D printers that has received treatment aimed at creating an inhibition zone to prevent the occurrence and development of pathogenic bacteria and genes that cause odours and stains, where microbes and other germs are concentrated. This antimicrobial filament is particularly beneficial for the health and food domains.
The filaments certified as being free from endocrine disruptors are filaments that do not have any molecules or a chemical composition that could alter or affect the production or operation of the body's hormones. These filaments that are free from endocrine disruptors are intended for the production of everyday items such as kitchen utensils, food containers and children's toys.

Possible applications of antimicrobial filaments

The antimicrobial filaments will allow you to print pieces with antibacterialproperties. These filaments for 3D printers will generally avoid the risk of germs and bacteria spreading on the surfaces of your printed objects. These properties are particularly beneficial for medical or cooking utensils, for objects aimed at children but also for toiletries.

Nanovia filaments certified as free from endocrine disruptors are aimed at the creation of everyday objects such as kitchen utensils or objects can come into contact with foodstuffs. These filaments that are free from endocrine disruptors produced by Nanovia are also very useful in the design of food containers, because they avoid contamination from the food coming into contact with the container.

Characteristics of SPE filaments

The antimicrobial and SPE filaments from the brands Purement and Nanovia are mostly made of PLA, which makes them very easy to print. They are not proprietary, in other words they are suitable for and compatible with all 3D printers. They can be used on FDM 3D printers from the brand Ultimaker, Leapfrog or Tobeca. The filament spools are available in a 1.75mm size but also 2.85mm in various colours. On the Purement antibacterial filament spools you can see the certifications received by the SIAA and FDA validating the antimicrobial properties of Purement filament.


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