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Reactive filaments react to different external elements. They are sometimes used for a range of applications. Reactive to light (phosphorescent), UV (photosensitive), and heat (thermosensitive). Explore new worlds with unique and original filaments.


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In this category of reactive filaments, Makershop offers 3 different categories. The first is phosphorescent filaments, this category allows your objects to change colour at night (Blue or Green) and keep the authentic colour during the day.
The second category is themosensitive filaments. These filaments will change colour depending on the temperature at which they are exposed. The change of colour will generally operate around 29°C. The object will go back to it’s normal colour at a low temperature when it is cooled by air or water. Finally UV reactive filaments change colour depending on their exposition to UV rays.


Reactive filaments : prices, tests and reviews


These 3 types of filaments make it possible to push the experiments even further and will allow you to create objects that will react to their environment depending on their exposure to UV, heat or even darkness.
They are ideal to create outdoor decoration, recreational and artistic objects or modeling. The reactive filaments are mainly made out of PLA, which makes them easily printable and they create very good quality parts which will keep the desired proportions.
PLA filament spools have a regular diameter, a good price/performance ratio, and do not emit odors.

For your reactive filament prints, Makershop recommends the use of a heating plate in order to prevent the risk of detachment and make the printing easier.
You may find all the information concerning each product, its caracteristics, reactions to its environment, the temperature of the nozzle during extrusion, the plate temperature, the filament conditionning and the quantity in which it is sold.
If you have further questions, you may contact our technical support via the contact section of our website.

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