Maintenance and cleaning 

Find all the elements required for maintaining a 3D printer in order to extend its life and optimise the quality of your prints over time. It is important to always keep the machine axes (X/Y/Z) well lubricated to prevent matting and ensure proper movement of the head on the rods.

Blocked nozzle and nozzle cleaning

Blocked nozzle problem? Makershop3D offers 0.35 mm needles to easily unclog the extrusion mechanism. The cleaning filament optimises the flow of the filament in the nozzle and is able to purge the blocking elements.
You'd like to change the filament colour but don't want to have a mix of colours during the transition between your two filaments? In order to purge and remove any impurities and residues that may be present in your nozzle, Esun offers you its cleaning filament which is for use when you change your filament coil, in order to use a different material or a different colour. This enables the remaining filament of the previous coil still present in the nozzle to be extracted but also cleaned.

Cleaning and maintaining your 3D printer

To clean your 3D printer we have selected the best cleaning products for 3D printers such as plate cleaners or the perfect dust-removal aerosol for remove dust or filament residue present in the corners of your printer or hard to reach areas.
Once you have cleaned your printer, you have to lubricate and maintain the X, Y and Z axes of your 3D printer as well as your machine's pulleys. For you, Makershop3D has selected WD-40 dry lubricant but also the mechanical grease Magnacol and the Unilube lubricant. These products will allow your machine to operate under the best conditions and also ensure better print quality as well as greater longevity.
On all the technical data sheets relating to our maintenance and cleaning products you will find details about the product composition, precautions and possible applications. If you have any questions, please contact our technicians.


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