Carbon filament 

Carbon filament spools for 3D printers in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter. Carbon filament for 3D printing allows numerous creations of hard-wearing parts: equipment for drones, robotics, RC& modelling/model making, automotive, professional prototyping. Carbon is a little less light than conventional PLA or ABS plastic but less heavy than metal filament.

This filament can be used in many fields, it is resistant to temperature changes and particularly effective in all applications requiring great mechanical strength at reduced weight. Carbon 1.75mm or 2.85mm spools are made of 20% minimum carbon fibre.
The characteristics of carbon materials: twice as rigid as PLA, elongation before breaking of 8 to 10%, low odour, styrene-free, matt black surface. Get the unique properties of carbon filament at a great price. Buying spools with free delivery on orders of 100 euros or more is a great opportunity to test a new material on your 3D printer.
Want to know how to print carbon in 3D? Recommendations and user guides are included in the product descriptions with recommended temperatures, speeds and extensive information written by our 3D printing experts. With an affordable price, make sure you take advantage of the frequent discounts at our online store.

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It is important to note that carbon is a fairly abrasive material for the nozzle of your printer. When carbon passes through, the nozzle will become damaged and worn out faster than with conventional filaments. Nozzle changes will be more frequent with this material. But it’s worth knowing before you start printing, carbon is worth it.
Contact our team with your questions about its use or any problems you might encounter when printing carbon filament for rapid prototyping.
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  • Based on the Amphora 3D polymer, reinforced with 20% carbon fibre, this filament is perfect for parts requiring high rigidity. XT-CF20 has an excellent matt surface finish when printed. XT-CF20 1.75mm comes in a 750g spool.

    41,63 € Tax excl.
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    In Stock
  • This PLA/Carbon filament is made from PLA mixed with 15% carbon fibres. It is designed to be rigid and resist flexing. The parts produced have good strength. The package contains 125g of PLA/Carbon 1.75mm filament delivered in a roll.

    33,29 € Tax excl.
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  • Spool of ABS filament made of carbon fibre. Its optimised formula produces printed pieces which are lighter and mechanically stronger. Comes in a 500g spool.

    40,75 € Tax excl.
    In Stock | Shipped within 24 hours
    In Stock
  • Spool of carbon fibre-based PETG. This thermoplastic alloy is characterised by its very high tensile modulus which gives it advanced mechanical properties and increased durability. Filament particularly used in the paramedical field. Comes in a 500g spool.

    36,60 € Tax excl.
    | Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
  • Spool of carbon fibre and Kevlar aramid-based ABS. This alloy combines increased mechanical strength while reducing the risk of nozzle clogging and abrasion to your equipment, as is often the case with reinforced thermoplastics. Comes in a 500g spool.

    42,50 € Tax excl.
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  • Dark Grey Carbon-P is an alloy of PET-G and carbon fibres. This unique blend allows Carbon-P filament to have the rigidity of PET-G while increasing its resilience to impacts and high temperatures. Comes in a 500g spool.

    29,08 € Tax excl.
    In Stock | Shipped within 24 hours
    In Stock
  • 215,00 € Tax excl.
    Out of stock | Not available
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