Food contact filament 

We offer food grade filaments available in twelve different colours to suit what you want and need. These filaments are available in a 1.75mm size as well as 2.85mm and they are compatible with all FDM 3D printers that do not use the manufacturer filament.
In most cases, for printing food grade filament the use of a heating plate is required to reduce the risk of warping.

Food grade filament purchase

The filaments compatible with food contact are generally made from PET (the material used for water bottles). The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, is the US body that authorises these materials to come into contact with food.
These coils of food grade filaments for 3D printers are ideal for printing everyday objects: glasses, plates, knives, forks, pots, dishes or any other objects used to hold food or liquid to be consumed.
Makershop3D offers food grade filaments from the brands ColorFabb, FormFutura and Taulman3D, most food grade filaments are composed of PET or XT for ColorFabb. Taulman 3D also offers food grade filament made from nylon for more specific applications. These food filaments have the advantage of being highly resistant to impact and have excellent durability over time.

Certified and tested food grade filaments

Food grade filaments are filaments specially designed to create objects coming into contact with foods, the fact that they are approved by the FDA is a guarantee of quality and safety, which allows you to have full confidence in their compliance with the standards and regulations concerning the transmission of plastic particles into food products, but also in the absence of any prohibited components such as BPA for example which is well-known to be an endocrine disruptor, in other words it affects the functioning of the human body's hormones. For any questions related to the use of food grade filament please contact us and our technical team will be happy to respond to you. Also see our product sheets where you can find our tips on things like extrusion temperature and the temperature of the heating plate.


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