Taulman 3D is a professional quality manufacturer of filaments. Specially designed for industrial and the medical fields, the thermoplastics produced by Taulman 3D are suitable for many applications. PET, nylons, or copolymers, find all the Taulman 3D filaments available in 1.75mm or 2.85mm and in many colours.

All the advice for your online purchase of Taulman 3D filaments is on the product sheets along with printing tips. Pro quality pro & best prices on Makershop3D.

Taulman is a manufacturer of filaments for FDM 3D printers and it offers high-quality filaments aimed at professionals in industrial or paramedical fields, offering spools of 1.75mm and 3mm. Taulman offers PET and Nylon filaments. The company is based in St. Peters, Missouri, in the United States. Makershop3D has selected the best Taulman filaments so you benefit from quality at the best price. If you have any questions about the filaments from the Taulman brand, please contact our specialists via the contact section on our website.

Taulman brand

Regarding filaments for 3D printers made by Taulman, Makershop3D has selected 3 ranges: PET whose advantage is that it is very resistant, 100% recyclable, it allows light to pass through, and is widely used for food content. This PET filament also holds its size well and emits no odour or fumes during printing, it is generally used in design like the creation of plastic bottles, for example. Taulman also offers a range of Nylon filaments which has the advantage of being designed and approved by the FDA for indirect food contact. Finally, Taulman has a range of Bluprint filaments which has been designed to withstand very high temperatures making it ideal for high-speed printing and it has strong inter-layer connections. This type of filament is recommended in industrial applications.

Taulman filaments

The filaments from the Taulman brand are available in 1.75mm and 3mm and are adaptable to all 3D printers like, for example, Leapfrog, Ultimaker and Tobeca. Each spool of Taulman filament weighs 450g. On the spool: the production batch number, size of the filament, its colour and its extrusion temperature. All filaments from the Taulman brand are manufactured in the USA. Taulman's PETs are very strong but subject to detachment, which is why we recommend using the Taulman Nylon glue.


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