Ultimaker is a brand specialising in 3D printing based in the Netherlands that produces the most accurate 3D printers on the market (20 micron layer thickness). The Ultimaker group is also behind the filaments of the same brand and CURA software for creating Gcode files for 3D printing.

Having received numerous awards, Ultimaker puts the emphasis on accuracy. Ultimaker also has the largest online community dedicated to 3D printing via its website and forum, bringing together experts from all around the world. In this category you'll find all the products from the Ultimaker brand available for purchase directly from the manufacturer. New Ultimaker products will be added to Makershop3D like all the innovations: 3D printers, filaments, spare parts, upgrades...

Ultimaker 3D printer purchase

All Ultimaker printers are on sale and available for purchase on Makershop3D, the Ultimaker brand produces the most accurate 3D printers on the 3D printing market with open source quality. They are manufactured in Europe, in the Netherlands. Buying an Ultimaker means you are guaranteed to get professional, versatile and reliable equipment.

Ultimaker printers are intended for a very wide range of people, they are easy to use and will suit both professionals and individuals with their high precision.

Ultimaker 3D printers are used by engineers and architects to produce prototypes and models easily and cheaply.

These printers are also used in the field of education and the field of art and research.

When you buy an Ultimaker printer you are not only buying the best printer on the market for 3D printing, but you also have access to the largest 3D printing community since there is a large community of Ultimaker users, made up of individuals and professionals who discuss 3D printing. The printers do not use proprietary filaments, so you can test and choose a filament of the brand of your choice.

Ultimaker: Tests and reviews

Find all the tests and reviews relating to Ultimaker printers directly on the product sheets, verified opinions posted online that come from customers who have ordered and received the machine. To help you compare Ultimaker, please use the online comparison tool to help you choose before you buy.


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