ABS Filament 

ABS filament (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a durable plastic, especially suited to the mechanical requirements of functional prototypes and present in many everyday objects. ABS filament is printed on printers using a heating plate to avoid distortions due to cooling of the plastic during printing.

It prints between 220 and 260°C depending on the brand. To prevent deformation (warping), it is advisable to use spray adhesive or glue. As well as its mechanical strength, ABS thermoplastic filament for 3D printing can cope with large variations in temperature and can be smoothed and polished once the object is printed.

A useful purchase for all prototypes requiring high mechanical strength, ABS filament spools are suitable for engineering, R&D (research and development), and more generally in industrial prototyping. Before buying ABS filament, the desired property is the mechanical strength of the 3D printed prototype. If ABS is subjected to a degree of stress, it will start by bending and deforming before breaking. It is therefore particularly recommended for screws, bolts, gears and mechanical systems subjected to external forces.

ABS, a thermoplastic polymer, with its impact resistance and rigidity, is used in industry (especially in injection moulding). This plastic is found in the outer shells of electrical appliances and toys (including the famous LEGO bricks), and in applications where its impact resistance is put to the test: replica weapons from Airsoft or motorcycle helmets and bodywork.

ABS filament is among the cheapest on the market. It lets you use your 3D printer at lower cost to print numerous pieces: twenty medium-sized items can be printed with a 1 kilo spool of material. Buying ABS filament is a good bet for an easily adaptable material, and it can be painted or polished with ease.

Available in different diameters and colours, buy your spools of ABS filament at Makershop3D, knowing that your purchase is safe and secure with free delivery available on orders over 100 euros. Need advice? Our purchasing and user guides are just what you need. Want to know how to print ABS? Check out our online tutorials and expert advice, giving you all the information you need for successful printing without difficulty or printing problems.
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