3D print finishing 

How to get beautiful finishes for pieces printed in 3D? Here are the tools you need for post production. Once the object has been printed, you can change the state of the surface using various methods. With the help of smoothing tools or products, find all the equipment for the best possible results for your prototypes.

To give a neat and clean look to your printed pieces, Makershop3D offers you a wide range of tools and post-printing treatments.

Measure and improve your prints

To measure the size or dimensions of your prints more precisely, we offer a slide gauge equipped with an LCD screen that has a precision of 10 microns. We also offer needle files to improve your prints and erase any small imperfections that may be present on your objects.

Dissolving and cleaning your pieces

To dissolve the supporting parts of your piece, including the prints created with dual extrusion using, for example, HIPS, we offer you D-Limonene to dissolve the HIPS and isopropyl alcohol to clean and give a quality look to your printed pieces.

Giving a particular look to your objects or smoothing them out

Do you want to erase the traces of the different layers related to FDM printing? We can offer you a Nanovia smoothing solution that allows you to give a matt or shiny effect to your pieces. We can also offer you the XTC-3D kit that allows you to smooth your prints and remove any small defects that may be present on your objects.

These 2 solutions are applicable on a large number of different materials such as PLA, ABS and resin. For more information about the materials compatible with these methods you can refer to the specifications of the product concerned where you will find all the necessary information, as well as our recommendations for using these products and the precautions to take.

Assembling your printed pieces

Some objects cannot be printed in one go, which is why Makershop3D offers Epoxy adhesive, extra strong glue, and nylon glue to assemble your various printed pieces and therefore put together your object. Once the pieces have bonded together, these adhesives enable you to provide them with high strength and very good hold of the different pieces of your object.


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