Spare parts 

The spare parts for 3D printers that we offer are original and manufactured by the brands that we distribute. Replacement parts, accessories or upgrades come from the largest manufacturers and will enable you to improve or troubleshoot your 3D printer.

To help you carry out the repair, please ask our technicians. You can also consult the many tutorials we have on the website. We offer a wide variety of spare parts for all the 3D printers that we sell, such as Formlabs, Ultimaker and Zortrax.

Buy original manufacturer parts

We offer high-quality parts, produced by the leading brands in the 3D printing sector. By offering you original parts and of the same brand as your machine, we guarantee that the parts are compatible with your printer, on each product sheet you will find the model with which the part is compatible, and a detailed description of the part in question and its specific characteristics.

All pieces sold on our site come directly from manufacturers of 3D printers.

A wide range of spare parts at the best price

We offer you over thirty different parts for all types of 3D printers. We offer heating plates, glass plates for Ultimaker printers, nozzles of different sizes for Ultimaker, Zortrax and FlashForge.

We also offer parts that allow you to improve the performance of your printer, such as insulation panels for the Zortrax or a cover for the Leapfrog so that you can print in the best conditions. For those with an Ultimaker 2 we offer the upgrade kit which will enable you to significantly improve the capacity and quality of the prints produced by the printer, without changing it.

For Formlabs printers, we offer a manufacturing plate as well as resin bins for the Form 1+ and Form 2, on the specification sheets we offer advice and instructions for the best use of these products in the best conditions.

Take advantage of our experience

Our technicians are here to provide you with all the advice you need for improving or repairing your machine using the spare parts available on our site.

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