Nanovia is a Breton manufacturer of 3D printing filaments and accessories specialising in highly technical materials. Products from the Nanovia range are made in France, in Brittany, from transformed raw material.
Makershop3D has selected Nanovia for its high-end products with very specific applications (without endocrine disruptor, fireproof, flexible with a base of oyster shells...). These Nanovia filaments, available for purchase in 1.75mm or 2.85mm, are suitable for all 3D printers.

Nanovia also produces chemical solutions for smoothing pieces, cleaning or strengthening prototypes. All products in the range will be available for purchase in this category. To buy the Nanovia brand, go to and find all the latest products.

The features of Nanovia

Nanovia is a Breton manufacturer offering filaments and consumables for 3D printers ofFrench origin. Nanovia offers premium quality products and this company distributes its filaments for 3D printers available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm, using the FDM technique. Its filaments are distributed globally and have very specific characteristics, the Nanovia brand offers premium filaments for very specific applications. Some Nanovia materials are certified as being free from endocrine disruptors by an independent laboratory which gives printed pieces optimal safety whether for industrial or consumer applications.

The Nanovia products

Nanovia offers filaments for premium 3D printers ofFrench origin, like the PLA. It is very easy to use, easy to print and based on natural materials such as linen or wood. Nanovia even offers you natural PLA that are certified No ED (free from endocrine disruptors). PLA filament spools for 3D printers are available in a 500g spool.

Makershop3D also offers you flexible natural istroflex filaments with an oyster shell base, this filament is fully biodegradable, offers great flexibility and is compliant for food contact.

We have also selected the carbon fibre PETG that gives your 3D prints high mechanical properties and provides increased resistance. This filament is used for industrial purposes including the health but also public domains.

And to conclude, Nanovia offers Insublend filaments, this fireproof and insulating filament is intended for industrial applications, especially for electrical and electronic applications.

All the Nanovia products are made in France more specifically in Brittany, in Louargat.

For more information about Nanovia products you can view the data sheets of our products or contact the Makershop3D team via the contact section.

The filaments for Nanovia 3D printers are packaged in sizes from 500g to 50kg. Nanovia guarantees you products of a very high quality, thanks to its rigorous selection of raw materials but also by the quality control carried out throughout the manufacturing process and lastly with its final packaging and complete batch traceability.






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    • Polycarbonate is a polymer with high transparency. This filament is very rigid and has excellent mechanical properties that are characterised by low expansion and low heat distortion. Polycarbonate is very resistant to impact. Comes in a 500g spool.

      39,08 € Tax excl.
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      In Stock
    • 49,30 € Tax excl.
      | Product available with different options
      Product available with different options
    • Flax fibre-based PLA spool. This alloy combines the ease of printing of PLA with improved mechanical features while allowing significant weight saving of printed parts. Comes in a 500g spool.

      23,90 € Tax excl.
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      In Stock
    • Spool of bio-sourced natural colour PLA, certified endocrine disruptor-free. This material provides high-quality objects and prints without any unpleasant odour. Comes in a 500g spool.

      39,17 € Tax excl.
      In Stock | Shipped within 24 hours
      In Stock
    • Spool of natural ABS, certified endocrine disruptor-free (SPE). This filament is characterised by its good impact resistance and its lightness. Like all thermoplastics, ABS contracts in contact with the air, so use of a heating plate when 3D printing is recommended. Comes in a 500g spool.

      37,75 € Tax excl.
      In Stock | Shipped within 24 hours
      In Stock
    • ABS aramid fibre (Kevlar) provides excellent features for printed parts without nozzle clogging while significantly reducing the phenomenon of serious abrasion to your printing equipment. The optimised formula produces a less fragile filament compared to a lot of the carbon-reinforced thermoplastics normally available on the market. Comes in a 500g spool.

      48,15 € Tax excl.
      In Stock | Shipped within 24 hours
      In Stock
    • Spool of carbon fibre-based PETG. This thermoplastic alloy is characterised by its very high tensile modulus which gives it advanced mechanical properties and increased durability. Filament particularly used in the paramedical field. Comes in a 500g spool.

      36,60 € Tax excl.
      Out of stock | Not available
      Out of stock
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