Makershop's 3D printing guides

Considered the 4th industrial revolution, 3D printing is set to prevail in all sectors, worldwide! Our guides are designed in order to help you learn about 3D printing and its possibilities, and assist you in choosing your 3D printing equipment and consumables purchases. Specially made in order to answer questions from non-experts, in these guides you will find all the relevant information to inform you, make a thoughtful purchase that corresponds to your needs, and how to exploit the resources offered by related services.

3D printing guide

guide 3D printing beginners

Discover 3D printing!

tickHow does a 3D printer work?

tickHow can I print in 3D ?

tickWhat is 3D printing?

tickWhere can I find models to print and how can I design them?

Find all our answers in the special 3D printing guide for beginners to learn more about this technology and its applications!

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3D printer buying guide

Carefully choosing your 3D printer

tickWhich machine for my needs?

tickWhat criteria should I take into consideration?

tickInformation on prices and the product line?

tick3D machines adapted to certain applications?

Identify your needs, read this guide and you will have the keys to direct yourself to the 3D printer that best fits you

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Consumables buying guide


Everything you need to know about filaments and resins

tickAll the materials available for 3D printing

tickWhat material for what use? Advantages and limitations.

tickPrint settings for each material

tickClassification by ease of printing, strength, type of use, etc.

We shine a light on each material (filaments and resins) used by desktop 3D printing. In this filament and resin buying guide, you will find all the details you need to select and use 3D printing consumables!

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3D printing glossary

3D printing technical vocabulary dissected

tickMaster the vocabulary

tickUnderstand the technical terms

tickGet familiar with software translations

tick3D printing from A to Z

Vocabulary and useful technical terms to better master the world of 3D printing

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