NinjaFlex is an American manufacturer (Fenner Drives company) of soft and flexible filaments. The filaments enable printing of many prototypes of grips, soles and other pieces requiring a certain rigidity. NinjaFlex filaments are available in sizes 1.75mm and 3mm in the SemiFlex form.

The NinjaFlex filament is among the simplest to print in the elastic and flexible category. NinjaFlex is a brand recognised among professionals working in rapid prototyping because of the high quality of the SEMIFLEX filaments but also because of its technical features.

Ninjaflex filaments

Makershop3D has selected Ninjaflex Semiflex products for you that enable you to produce flexible prints and very easy to print. These filaments for 3D printers using the FDM technique have the advantage of being very flexible and are ideal for the creation of pieces such as tyres, belts or phone cases. Ninjaflex filaments are aimed at industry but also the general public.
These filaments from the Ninjaflex brand are compatible with all types of3D printers using the FDM method, like the Ultimaker, Leapfrog or FlashForge printers.
Ninjaflex filaments are recognised for offering excellent printing resolution but also for their excellent impact resistance.

Ninjaflex features

Ninjaflex filaments are available in 1.75mm and 3mm formats. They are the simplest to print in the category of flexible filaments. Makershop3D has selected seven different colours to meet your requirements. Ninjaflex filaments are non-proprietary filaments, in other words, they are adaptable to all 3D printers available on the market. Each Ninjaflex spool gives the size of the filament, the manufacturer's batch reference and 3D printing advice. Ninjaflex spools do not require a heating plate for creating your 3D prints. Ninjaflex filaments have a good quality/price ratio and are very easy to print. Ninjaflex offers 500g spools of filaments in 1.75mm and 750g for the 3mm filaments.


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