RepRap 3D printers in kit form 

Check out the 3D printer kits. 3D DIY printer kits with everything you need to build a fully-functioning RepRap printer. Building the kit yourself lets you gain comprehensive DIY knowledge of the technology and equipment used to build your 3D printer, all in an inexpensive kit.

Buy a 3D printer in kit form

For fablabs, school groups, modellers and DIY enthusiasts, 3D printer kits are inexpensive and include all the tools and equipment needed, as well as guidance and installation instructions for successfully building a 3D printer using an Open Source kit from A to Z, step by step. These inexpensive RepRap 3D printer kits are replicable. RepRap printer models can lead to the construction of multiple printers thanks to accessible, open source plans at attractive, inexpensive prices.

Inexpensive 3D printer kits

The precision and proper functioning of the 3D printer kit depends on your ability to build it properly. A 3D printer kit is a minor financial investment in view of the satisfaction you get from setting up your own machine.

DIY 3D printer kit

Each 3D printer kit comes with a complete build manual (photos and tips). The kit includes all the parts necessary for assembling your 3D printer. Between 6 hours and 2 days are needed to complete the project and put your 3D printer kit together.

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