The Recreus brand produces FilaFlex filaments, this material is flexible and elastic for 3D printing. Recreus filaments are produced in Spain and Recreus is a company that has been in existence since 2010 producing spools, these filaments are suitable for all 3D printers. They require some knowledge of the parameters and have in particular a slow printing speed.

Filaflex filaments are available in a 1.75mm and 3mm spool. The Filaflex brand offers filaments with a very good price/quality ratio with filaments for 3D printers from the Filaflex brand being among some of the least expensive on our website.
Find all the FilaFlex filaments from the Recreus manufacturer on our shop with some tips for good printing. All colours at the best price with the manufacturer's technical data to inform you of the properties of these elastic and flexible filaments for 3D printers.
Need advice on the FilaFlex? Please ask our experts to give you information about usage and resolving any problems relating to 3D printing. Elastic filaments for prototyping with Recreus, available in 1.75mm or 3mm.

FilaFlex filament


Filaflex offers a wide range of flexible filaments, ideal for producing all your 3D prints that require a certain flexibility while still remaining very resistant, for example belts, phone covers, shoes and lots of other things. Filaflex filament can stretch up to 700% of its original size and returns to its original shape after being stretched. Filaments from the Filaflex brand have a good quality/price ratio.


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    • FilaFlex filament is an elastic, flexible plastic that’s suitable for a range of uses. FilaFlex returns to its original shape after being stretched or pulled. Fully expandable, it can stretch up to 700%. The spool contains 250g of FilaFlex White.

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