Wooden filament 

Wooden filament is an original filament specially made for 3D printing. Initially invented by CC Products, many manufacturers now produce this filament for 3D printing, including ColorFabb, a Dutch manufacturer. Wooden filament spools are composed of 40% crushed wood fibre, available in 1.75 are composed of 40% crushed wood fibre, available in 1.75mm or 2.85mm diameter depending on your 3D printer.


About wooden filament

PLA serves as glue for 3D printing, and the wooden filament gives off a characteristic odour when printing. Once printed, the prototype retains its woody odour for a few days. As regards the feel, printed parts have the feature of having the feel of carved wood rather than a plastic feel.
Wood fibre-based filament prints normally but needs a slow speed to extrude properly through the nozzle of your 3D printer. For printing tips, and to avoid print problems, check out the advice before purchasing in the relevant product descriptions. Our experts will show you how to correctly print each type of filament: from the simplest to the most complex.
Find lighter or darker wooden spools depending on the manufacturer in 1.75mm or 2.85mm diameter. It’s possible to vary the shade of the printed object by increasing the temperature (dark wood) or reducing it (light wood). So you can print different objects without changing the wooden filament.

Wooden filament : price, tips, tests

Feel free to contact our teams if you have any printing problems and get advice from our experts by phone or email, for example in case of a blocked nozzle. Purchasing wood filament spools is simple and cheap. Find the best prices and compare products and customer reviews directly online at our Makershop3D store before you buy.
Want to know how to print wood filament? Advice and guidance direct on the website. Print statues, art objects and toys – it’s now possible with an original wooden filament.
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