Filament for mechanical use 

Materials for mechanical use are impact resistant and very solid. Filaments for mechanical use are made from materials aimed at a professional use in engineering for sectors like automotive, aviation or the validation of functional prototyping pieces.

Filament materials for mechanical use for 3D printing

Different types of material correspond to mechanical use: PC (polycarbonate) and its alloys such as PC-ABS, or ABS, which is a very resistant plastic that does not break and finally nylon which is known for its excellent print hold and its stability for printed prototypes. Lastly, reinforced PLA is also resistant and does not deform once printed.

All impact resistant and robust filaments

The filament spools selected here are made up of materials resistant to impacts and that are extremely strong. These durable materials can withstand repeated shocks over time, thanks to the composition of materials for industrial purposes. In the use of mechanical pieces, these mechanical use filaments will be used extensively.


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