Porous filament 

Porous filament is very special and classified as 'For 3D printing experts'. This original filament changes shape when it comes into contact with water. Flexible and spongy, it can be used in various fields. Available in a 1.75mm or 2.85mm spool. You’ll find all the tips you need for printing and using porous filaments in the product descriptions written by 3D printing experts.
Developed by CC Products, porous filament will find its place with imaginative printers offering all kinds of possible applications. Once in water, the filament soaks up liquid and becomes flexible and elastic like a sponge.


Porous filaments  are made out of polymer and PVA. Once your print is done, you may put it in water to dissolve the PVA. Once the PVA is dissolved, your creation will become flexible and spongy.

The Porous filaments developped by CC products must be printed at a high temperature and will require the use of a heating plate to carry out your prints. Porous filaments are available in 250g format. Porous filaments are only available in white.

Possible applications 


Porous filaments are usually used to print souple objects used in the biological, physical and chemical sciences. They are used to create souple and semi- permeable membranes. These membranes are then used for water treatment.

These porous filaments can also be used to create artificial limbs orparts of the human body for robotics, for example

The porous filament has not yet found its precise place among the other consumables, it will allow the most imaginative people to create pieces that have special characteristics and will allow you once more to push the limits of 3D printing.

Depending on the chosen porous filament, immersion in water can vary between a few moments to a few days to obtain the desired result. This also varies according to the size of the print. These filaments are compatible with a large number of FDM 3D printers such as Ultimaker, Flashforge or even Tobeca.


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    • Here is a unique filament that opens up new opportunities in 3D printing. Gellay 1.75mm filament is made of PVA and rubber. The PVA dissolves in water, leaving the item with a gelatinous appearance. This filament is experimental, and comes in a 250g roll.

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