Soluble filament / support 

There are two types of soluble filaments: PVA and HIPS. PVA can be used to print soluble parts for suspended pieces. It is used in conjunction with PLA. This dissolves in hot water within a few hours. HIPS can also be used for the support, it prints with ABS.

HIPS dissolves in D-Limonene (citrus-based solvent). Both types of filaments are available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

Why buy a soluble filament

Using soluble filament is a great way to print out support while avoiding leaving traces. Only on printers with two extruders, the soluble material plays a big role in 3D printing with filament deposit.
Soluble filaments allow you to produce complex pieces that require a medium for printing. To allow you to produce these pieces, producers of filament such as Esun or Polymaker have created filaments capable of dissolving in water or D-Limonene without affecting the other matter that makes up the piece (PLA or ABS).
These soluble filaments are intended for printers that have double extrusion, soluble filaments are extruded at the same temperature as conventional filaments like PLA or ABS.
Polymaker also offers a support filament, this is not soluble like HIPS or PVA but has the same characteristics, namely it is intended to support the suspended pieces of your creations. It is removed very easily by hand, is not toxic and leaves your piece intact once removed.

Printing with soluble filaments

To use soluble filaments it is firstly essential that your FDM 3D printer is equipped with dual extrusion because your printing will require the use of 2 different filaments: PLA or ABS for the structure of your piece and HIPS or PVA to support the structure thereof. Need some advice for solubles? All the information about your purchase can be found on the product description sheets with the best prices guaranteed for your soluble filament coils.


Soluble filament / support
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