Expert filament 

Amongst the expert filaments available on our website, we also offer the Bendlay Solid filament which owns remarkable properties.

It is resistant, solid, translucent and has an elongation rate of 150%. This filament can be used for creating bottles of water or vase for example.

We also offer the MoldLay filament for which the main characteristic is melting at 270°C. It is therefore very popular for creations and realizations of moldings as it is solid but liquefies when heated.

Taulman 3D BluPrint filament has a very high glass transition, is particularly used in industry, does not deform under 110 ° C. This filament has an excellent layer interconnection and can be printed at high speed.

Nanovia is a French company specialized in quality filament production with unique properties such as natural Istroflex filament, a thermoplastic filament made of oyster shell powder, which means this filament is entirely biodegradable.

In this section of expert filaments, you will also find SPE filaments. These filaments are without endocrine disruptors. These components act on human hormones production.
We also offer flameproof filaments that resist UV rays and oxygen. These filaments are particularly suitable for outdoor use.


Filaments for 3D printing experts


This category of expert filaments is for professionals and 3D printing experts since these filaments each possess one or more specific characteristics which confer an advantage over traditional filaments such as PLA or ABS. These filaments are also more difficult to print and require specific adjustments as well as the use of a heating plate.

If you have any questions about these expert filaments you may contact us via our contact section on our website, or you may find all the information you need on the spec sheet.

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