Reinforced PLA 

Reinforced PLA filament, the reinforced PLA is a very solid PLA and stronger than conventional PLA. Between 6 and 10 times stronger than ABS, this PLA is highly resistant to impacts while retaining the characteristics of easy to print PLA. It will be less brittle because of its formulation that aims to strengthen the material once printed.

This PLA is strengthened but remains simple to print without the need for a heating plate and with a superior resistance to ABS but without distortion. A PLA that is more durable over time and stronger against potential shocks on complex pieces.

Purchasing reinforced PLA spool

Our team advises you for your purchase of reinforced PLA with many brands being available for purchase. To purchase your reinforced PLA securely, trust our 3D printing experts. Easy to extrude, this reinforced PLA filament spool can be stored without deteriorating.

Reinforced PLA: different uses

Reinforced PLA spools are printable and can be used in different conditions: the industrial and professional environment but also for decorative items which need to be reinforced and rock solid.


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