Zortrax filament 

Zortrax filaments have been designed for the Zortrax M200 3D printer, different materials and colours are available. Zortrax filaments are proprietary filaments and are used on the printer of the same name. These spools are original and are supplied by the manufacturer. Choose from all the available materials: Z-ABS, Z-HIPS, Z-ULTRAT, Z-GLASS.

All the filament Zortrax spools automatically adapt to the printer. The temperatures and the various print settings are adjusted in a few clicks without any need for complex adjustments.

Purchasing Zortrax filaments

Zortrax has opted to use the manufacturer filament for its Zortrax M200 because these filaments are able to obtain excellent results and they guarantee an optimal operation of your printer. In addition, this filament is ideal for those new to 3D printing because there are a multitude of components and filament brands making it difficult to navigate at times, but also to form your own opinion about the various existing brands. So with Zortrax filament you will have no operational problems with the quality of your filament because the filaments are of manufacturer origin, and finally, you will not have to worry about the size of the filament as it is designed to work specifically on this printer. The Zortrax M200 printer manages the extrusion temperature by itself, all you have to do is insert your filament spool and print.

Zortrax filaments at the best price

Zortrax is comparable to conventional filament brands because the range of Zortrax filaments has a wide selection of colours and a wide variety of more basic materials like ABS , PET and HIPS.

How to print Zortrax filaments? Follow our buying guides and advice directly on the product sheets. Find all the colours at the best price in our shop. If you have questions you can also contact our technicians who will advise and guide you in your choices in order to find the most suitable filament for your requirements. Find all the Zortrax filaments compatible with the brand's printers on Makershop3D.

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