Neofil3D offers you high-quality filaments at an attractive price with these high-quality filaments being available in numerous colours and materials. These high-quality filaments allow you to produce high-quality and flawless 3D prints.
Neofil3D filaments are tested laser which ensures regularity in the filament diameter to ensure an unimpeded printing.
Makershop3D recommend the Neofil3D brand for large amounts of printing because Neofil3D filament has the advantage of being easy to use and ensuring excellent print quality. For any questions please contact our technical team.

The Neofil3D products

Neofil3D offers 3 ranges of filament, first is the PLA filament which is made from starch and has the advantage of being very easy to print and odourless. Neofil3D also offers ABS filament which is widely used in industry because it has the advantage of having a high resistance while still retaining excellent flexibility. Neofil3D ABS filament is used to create cogs or gears withstanding mechanical stress and that are exposed to heat. Neofil3D has a range of M-ABS filament. This filament is aimed at professional users who want a high-quality filament with the same properties as ABS filament. The whole range suffers from less deformation, which allows for very accurate print quality.

The characteristics of Neofil3D

Neofil3D offers 2 different diameters for its filaments, a diameter of 1.75mm and another of 2.85mm in order to adapt to all types of FDM 3D printer on the market, like Ultimaker, Tobecaor FlashForge. Neofil3D filament is available in 16 different colours to meet all your needs.
Neofil3D seeks to simplify your life which is why each of its spools is transparent, allowing you to check the status of these in an instant. Neofil3D spools and packaging also carry very useful information like the print temperature, the plate temperature and the filament diameter as well as the ease of printing and mechanical resistance of the spool. Finally the PLA filaments from Neofil3D are natural, harmless to health and odourless, as well as being 100% biodegradable.


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