Tools and accessories 

All the accessories and tools for 3D printing are here. Various tools, pliers, spatulas, files, slide gauges to buy for equipping the professional and domestic toolbox of those who own a 3D printer. Makershop3D selects these tools in order to guarantee impeccable quality.
If in doubt, the accessory pack includes all the elements you need to start out in 3D printing. Questions? Our experts answer all requests before the online purchase.

Tools for 3D printers

Makershop3D has selected the essential tools required by anyone producing 3D prints. For example Makershop3D offers you a coil for filament in a kit, this is very useful for those who received filament without a coil. This coil is designed to work with all types of 3D printer and adapts to each one.
We also offer tools such as spatulas, pliers and slide gauges as well as needle files for domestic and professional use.
These tools are intended for the removal of your printed items from the printing plate without damaging them, for this we offer the 50mm spatula and the Buildtak spatula. There are also cutting pliers which are ideal for cutting your filaments cleanly and precisely
We also sell needle files, designed to allow you to retouch your creations, in an accurate way without affecting the quality of your printing. To check that the size of your piece meets your expectations, we offer an LCD slide gauge with a precision of 10 microns.
If you are new to 3D printing and don't know what tools you need, Makershop3D has designed an accessory pack containing all the essential tools for producing 3D prints.

Accessories for 3D printers

In addition to these tools, we offer a USA/Europe adapter which is very convenient for those who have a machine with a nozzle designed for American sockets. We also offer an 8GB SD card that allows you to transport your files of any format between your computer and your printer, all very quickly. The SD card is compatible with all 3D printers equipped with an SD reader. Simply put your file onto it, insert it into your printer and choose the file to print.


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