PLA filament 

PLA filament for 3D printers is a natural, compostable material made out of starch. It is printed without a heating plate and its use ensures problem-free quality printed parts. Naturally translucent, PLA or polylactic acid filament is one of the 3D printer plastics most commonly used for demonstration parts that do not require mechanical properties.

You’ll find the various PLA brands available to purchase in all colours and at all prices in our online store.

PLA spools generally print at low temperature (between 190 and 220°C) and a heating plate is not necessary for their use, although a temperature of 60°C improves adhesion to the plate. By default, a spool of PLA filament is unlikely to suffer peeling (warping) and does not deform, so the plastic produces prints that don’t lose their dimensions when cooling.

Polylactic acid was the first to be used in 3D printers as it gives off no odour and is perfect for most household uses: creating everyday objects, form validation, toys, model making, modelling. Buying and printing in PLA filament is a good introduction for people who are new to the world of 3D printing. Got a question? Need advice? Check out all the 3D printing manuals and guidance on using materials at our online Makershop3D store.

From low prices to quality PLA for you to buy, Makershop3D selects the best PLA spool manufacturers in the world, just for you. Find printing tips for PLA filaments in the product descriptions: extrusion temperature, printing temperature, our printing advice and all the useful information for optimum material use.

Usually delivered in a spool in flexible cardboard, PLA filaments are available in many different colours. Filament quality is preserved through vacuum packaging, guaranteeing optimum conservation of the plastic as well as its shelf life and use.

Affordable and easy to use, PLA is printed using FDM technology which deposits the melted filament directly on the plate of the 3D printer to form the required completed object. Your purchase is secure and guaranteed, and delivery is free for all online orders over 100 euros. Browse through the manufacturers' brands and choose your spool from dozens of different colours and diameters.

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