ASA filament 

ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is now the standard for users of ABS. ASA uses the mechanical properties of ABS but allows outdoor use over the very long term with the strength of the material and its printing being perfect in time.

An interesting alternative is ASA filament, which has less shrinkage and a much higher resistance to weather conditions, allowing the ASA material to be successfully used in the automotive industry.

ASA filament in detail

This ASA filament was created in the 70s by the chemical giant BASF, as an alternative to ABS, with increased resistance to weather conditions. Indeed, the ASA filament spool has exceptional strength and excellent rigidity, high chemical resistance and thermal stability and, above all, it ages very well and does not yellow over time.

ASA filament test

In addition, it is very bright. Last year, ASA filament was introduced by Stratasys as one of the materials for use in FDM 3D printing. With all the properties mentioned above and high UV resistance, models made from this material are able to be installed in vehicles, or any type of outdoor facilities.

ASA compared to ABS

ASA can be printed by users of 3D printers at low cost. Currently, ASA filament is available for FDM printers in different diameters. We recommend ASA filament as an alternative suitable for outdoor conditions.


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