Find the whole FlashForge range here: 3D printers, spare parts and new products from the FlashForge or FF3DP brand. The manufacturer FlashForge is a partner to Makershop3D in France for the distribution of the brand's products direct from the manufacturer.

Buying FlashForge products

FlashForge Technology Co. Ltd is one of the largest producing companies of 3D printers and filaments in China and it was created in 2011. The company has developed a high-quality production line, and now has 7 ranges with 14 different products including 3D printers, 3D scanners and filaments. FlashForge printers are renowned throughout the 3D printing world for their low prices, excellent accuracy and stability. The company produces more than 5,000 printers, and more than 20,000 spools per month.
The FlashForge brand is a renowned brand in the 3D printing world for its high-quality printers at an affordable price, they allow you to make good quality prints and are aimed at those starting out in 3D printing. In fact the aim of the FlashForge brand is to make 3D printing accessible to all by offering simple to use and reliable machines.

3D printers at all price levels

FlashForge uses the open source approach and its printers are compatible with all types of filaments enabling you to form your own opinion on the quality of each filament and find the brand best-suited to your needs. The Finder is the only one of the brand's printer to use proprietary filament since this is the one aimed at beginners, and cannot therefore print any other materials besides PLA. Thanks to FlashForge 3D printers you can create accurate pieces that very easily adapt to your projects. These printers are designed to create high-quality pieces and objects without you needing to set your printer.
If you have any questions about the features of FlashForge printers you can learn about all the features in the technical sheets or you can also contact our technical team.
Makershop3D provides a guarantee for FlashForge printers, after-sales care and associated manufacturer services on the French market. FlashForge has been a Makershop3D partner since 2013.


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