Formlabs is a manufacturer of 3D printing equipment: SLA printers, resins and spare parts. A US-based manufacturer Formlabs was among the first to make the SLA technology accessible to the largest number of people, Formlabs offers SLA printers of professional quality aimed at all trades.

3D printers from Formlabs are a high-quality tool and perform well for any designers, engineers or inventors worldwide. Founded at MIT in 2011, Formlabs has mainly been behind the evolution of stereolithography for 3D printing by lowering the purchase price of professional machines.
The Formlabs brand is available on, our 3D printing experts are at your disposal for any questions relating to Formlabs machines.

Purchasing Formlabs 3D printers

Formlabs offers the Form 1+ and Form 2 3D printers. Specialising in SLA, the Formlabs brand aims to popularise this technology worldwide by making machines accessible to all industry professionals. Purchasing the Formlabs brand is now possible via Makershop3D which ensures the distribution and after-sales care of Formlabs on the French market. Printing by stereolithography has been around for many years but previously it was reserved for the world of industry, because of its printing costs. Formlabs, thanks to its high-performance 3D printers, has made this technology accessible to the largest number of people. To ensure the best print quality, Formlabs offers its high quality resin cartridges with a wide variety of colours and properties so that you can create pieces that meet your expectations.

Formlabs: prices, reviews, tests

The lowest prices for Formlabs are available on our online store, you can order directly with a secure purchase and our experts can also answer all your questions by email or phone before and after the online purchase.
Find on our website Formlabs reviews and Formlabs tests on the product sheets with these opinions coming from customers who ordered Formlabs printers and having been approved by an external third party.


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