Aiguilles de nettoyage pour buse

Ref. AIG-10
These thin needles allow you to clean and unclog the nozzle of your 3D printer in case of a blockage causing filament extrusion problems.

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How do I unblock a 3D printer nozzle easily?

  1. Heat the nozzle to 210°C
  2. Take the needle and thread into the nozzle from below
  3. Move back and forth to mix the plastic inside the nozzle to unblock it

Useful and practical, to use these needles, simply heat the nozzle of your printer and pass the needle through from below to facilitate extrusion. 0.35mm in diameter and 50mm in length, they are sold in batches of 10 units in individual sachets.
Data sheet
Brand Makershop
Application Maintenance and cleaning
Type Accessories
Diameter 0.35mm
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