BlueTape 3M 2090 ribbon

Ref. 2090380
The 3M BlueTape 2090 ribbon is put on the printing plate to prevent problems of detachment (or warping/curling) encountered when printing. It sticks perfectly, is easy to position and take off without leaving marks on your printer’s print plate.

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This BlueTape 3M 2090 ribbon, 50m long and 38mm wide, is suitable for 3D printing and provides very good adhesion between the very first filament layers deposited on the plate. No residue and easy positioning make this ribbon an essential tool for 3D printing. Resistant to high temperatures, the BlueTape remains effective even when the heating plate is in operation.

  • Width: 38mm
  • Length: 50 metres
  • Colours: Blue
Data sheet
Brand 3M
Application Build plate adhesion
Type Accessories
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