AprintaPro is an Austrian company which makes adhesive solutions for 3D printers. AprintaPro offers an adhesive solution which will prevent your 3D prints from peeling off, a process which is called warping.


Aprintapro solution


AprintaPro has created an adhesive solution which improves the adherence of your 3D prints to the the plate. Presented as a spray, AprintaPro is very simple to use and you will have immediate effects. You simply need to apply PrintaFix directly on your plate (heated or not) and start printing. PrintaFix is a quality product compatible with any other filament on the market and helps you obtain 3D prints with a smooth base and no distortion. The adhesive solution of AprintaPro is ecological and has no impact on the environment. The bottle is 100% recyclable.

If you wish further information on AprintaPro’s products, you may consult our spec sheets or contact our technical team.

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