3DPrinterOS: Premium Licence

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The 3DPrinterOS Premium Licence, valid for 1 year, allows 3DPrinterOS box owners to use all the features offered by this management solution for your additive manufacturing ecosystem.
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The Premium licence for the 3DPrinterOS paves the way for complete and centralised management of your 3D printer fleet, via the Cloud, locally or remotely. A solution aimed at professionals, the 3DPrinterOS Premium licence includes numerous features not available with the free version from 3DPrinterOS.

Ultimaker2 3DPrinterOS

Managing your 3D printer fleet


3DPrinterOS provides full management of a 3D printer fleet using fused deposition modelling (FDM) from the same hub, whether you’re connected directly to your network within your set-up or remotely via the Cloud. You can also, using virtual machines (Virtual Factory), manage SLA printers, 3D paper printing, CNC and other industrial printers.

Managing queues with 3DPrinterOS Premium


The 3DPrinterOS Premium licence lets you print your 3D models one after the other with its queue management function. Prepare your models, create your queue, and optimise production by printing your models in a queue, even when you are not there.


Managing databases and organising projects


The 3DPrinterOS Premium licence lets you create databases (up to 100GB) of models you can access from anywhere, any time. These models can be combined into projects (shared model sets) to best organise your printing projects. You can then print your projects by printing an assembly line of model components.
In addition, the 3DPrinterOS solution allows you direct access to a worldwide database of models thanks to the inclusion of Yeggi, which specialises in collecting free models on the internet. 

Applications included in 3DPrinterOS


By teaming up with partners from among the major industry leaders (Netfabb, Autodesk, Sculpteo, Leopoly...), 3DPrinterOS Premium version includes numerous professional applications to repair your models (holes, normals, intersections...), create hollows, modify your STL models, lighten their structure, etc. In short, a multi-tool logic giving access to a wide range of some of the most advanced features, all brought together on a single platform.

When managing a varied printer fleet, you generally use different slicers. With the 3DPrinterOS Premium Licence, you can access all your slicers through a single, highly intuitive application.


ultimaker 2 3DPrinterOS

Remote management and related features


With its web interface, the 3DPrinterOS allows full remote management of all processes via the Cloud, and from all terminals. What’s more, the HD camera included in the EasyBox 3DPrinterOS means you can constantly check how your prints are progressing (Live View), and automatically sends you a notification e-mail at the end of printing containing a video of the last few seconds.


Other features of the 3DPrinterOS


  • Community platform (available with the free version)
  • Statistical dashboard (available with the free version)
  • Faster slicer (Premium)
  • Live Support via the interface (Premium)
  • Advanced visualisation tools (Premium)
  • Timelapses of your prints (Premium)
  • Ability to create an API, to create your Marketplace, for example (Premium)
  • Multi-user management (3DPrinterOS Education Licence)


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OS Compatibility Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Linux
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