Nylon 680 FDA 3mm

Ref. NYL-680-FDA-722
680 3mm nylon from Taulman is food-compatible (FDA-approved) and durable. Packaged in a 450g spool.

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  • 1.75mm
  • 3mm
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Nylon 680 Taulman 3mm


680 FDA nylon filament meets the FDA 21 CFR 177.1500 standard guaranteeing compatibility for indirect food contact.

This standard, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is only valid for the USA.

Nylon 680 is hygroscopic, absorbing water and moisture. This nylon is also the most rigid in the Taulman range.


  • Tensile Strength = 4,686PSI +
  • Modulus PSI = 28,634
  • Max Elongation at break = 226%


Printing tips

  • Extrusion temperature 240 to 250°C
  • Plate temperature 30 to 60°C
  • Material Nylon




Data sheet
Brand Taulman3D
Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Type Consumable
Type of consumables Filament (non proprietary)
Filament diameter 3mm (compatible 2.85mm), 1.75mm
Material Nylon
Net weight 450g
Color Natural
Extrusion temperature 240 to 250°C
Build plate temperature 30 to 60°C (heated build plate required)
Printing speed 30 to 60 mm/s
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