ColorFabb CopperFill Copper 2.85mm

Ref. COL-COP-COP-347
CopperFill Copper filament 2.85mm is another metal filament straight out of the ColorFabb lab. It is made up of copper powder and PLA. After a quick post-treatment, your print turns coppery with a patina for a beautiful finish. Comes in a 750g spool.

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  • 1.75mm
  • 2.85mm

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ColorFabb Copper Filament 2.85mm

Made of PLA and copper fibre, ColorFabb CopperFill copper filament 2.85mm is original and unique. It produces a true copper look after a little easy-to-perform post-treatment.

Precautions for use:

Printers with Teflon insulation can cause problems because CopperFill copper tends to get stuck and form plugs. Moreover, as copper transmits a lot of heat, the filament guide tube (Bowden) may heat up slightly during printing.

We also recommend a slow speed and quite a substantial layer thickness (100-300 microns). Precision is less important as the print will be sanded.

We advise that you use this as an experimental filament, reserved for experienced users.

Printing plate:

Copper-based filament can be printed on a cold plate on its own or by putting down masking tape (blue/Kapton).

For a heated plate, we recommend a temperature of 50 to 60°C and some adhesive lacquer or glue.

Heat transfer:

The copper in CopperFill transmits a lot of heat, so it is advisable to print at fairly low temperatures, maintaining low precision and a slow speed. This allows all the print qualities to be retained by avoiding excessive heat transfer.


- Use coarse steel wool or sandpaper to polish the surface of your print. You can apply gentle pressure, but do not polish one place for too long otherwise you’ll soften the material.

- The print is now shiny and smooth without any visible printing lines. Then, apply a thin coat of black spray paint and immediately use a white cloth to dry it off. The hard-to-reach areas remain dark, thus improving the contrast.

- Final step: use a copper polish that helps obtain the desired metal shine and also contributes to creating an attractive patina over time.

copper filament

Printing tips

  • Extrusion temperature 195 to 220°C
  • Plate temperature 0 to 60°C
  • Material Copper
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Data sheet
Brand ColorFabb
Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Type Consumable
Type of consumables Filament (non proprietary)
Filament diameter 1.75mm, 2.85mm
Material Copper
Net weight 750g
Color Brown
Extrusion temperature 195 to 220°C
Build plate temperature 0 to 60°C (heated build plate not needed)
Printing speed 30 to 60 mm/s
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