Laybrick (Stone) 1.75mm

Ref. LAY-(ST-339
Laybrick 3D 1.75mm filament is a compound of chalk and polymers, and is compatible with all 3D printers that take 1.75mm filament. 250g roll.

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  • 1.75mm
  • 3mm

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Laybrick Stone 1.75mm filament

The lower your extrusion temperature (170°C), the lighter the colour of your 3D print will be, and conversely, if you choose a high temperature, your Laybrick 3D print will be darker.

This filament perfectly mimics stone (sandstone) and is ideal for modelling landscapes, architectural models, statues and sculptures.

Information on Laybrick 1.75mm:

  • Make sure you let your print cool down on the plate before taking it off to avoid deformation during handling.
  • Objects can be painted and sanded in post-treatment
  • This filament contains finely ground chalk

Printing tips

  • Extrusion temperature 170 to 210°C
  • Plate temperature 0 to 60°C
  • Printing speed 30 to 60mm/s
  • Material Stone

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Download (12.31k) MSDS - CC-Products

Data sheet
Brand CC-Products
Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Type Consumable
Type of consumables Filament (non proprietary)
Filament diameter 3mm (compatible 2.85mm), 1.75mm
Material Stone
Net weight 250g
Color White
Extrusion temperature 170 to 210°C
Build plate temperature 0 to 60°C (heated build plate not needed)
Printing speed 30 to 60 mm/s
Sales Item on sale
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