Novus 1 cleaning solution

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Novus is a cleaning solution recommended by the leading plastics manufacturers to polish, shine or clean plastic parts. Recommended for cleaning. 273 ml bottle.

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Novus 1 cleaning solution

Novus 1 is particularly recommended for cleaning the hoods of Formlabs machines.

Novus 1 cleaning solution gently cleans all types of plastics without scratching. After treatment, your items will be covered with a glossy sheen that does not hold dust and eliminates static electricity.


  • No fingerprints
  • No abrasive or harsh chemicals
  • Non-greasy


  • If the surface is very dirty, apply Novus 1 in the right quantity on a cloth and wipe with large circular movements. Use a light motion so as not to scratch the object with any dirt.
  • Apply a second coat and make small circular movements with a clean cloth.
  • When the object is clean and evenly coated with Novus 1, wipe with a clean cloth to obtain a shiny polish. Polishing will protect the object from future scratches.
  • Apply regularly to remove static electricity and renew the surface of the object.
  • Shake the bottle well before use
Data sheet
Brand Novus
Application Maintenance and cleaning
Type Accessories
Packaging 273ml bottle
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