Esun Beige ABS 1.75mm

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Ref. ESU-BEI-ABS-405
Beige 3D ABS 1.75mm filament is perfect for all 3D printers that take ABS 1.75mm filament. This ABS filament is shock-resistant and strong. This spool contains 1 kg of Esun Beige 3D ABS 1.75mm filament.

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  • 1.75mm
  • 3mm
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Using Esun 3D ABS 1.75mm filament

Beige 3D ABS 1.75mm diameter filament requires a printing plate heated to between 70 and 100°C as well as an extrusion temperature between 220 and 260°C.

3D ABS 1.75mm filament quality

This 3D ABS filament was chosen for its high quality and impressive results observed on parts printed in 3D. It has very good adhesion to the 3D printer plate, a regular diameter and gives off only a very slight odour during extrusion.

When to use 3D ABS filament.

Items for outdoor use: More resistant to harsh conditions and with a high melting temperature, it’s the ideal plastic for outdoors

Professional applications: ABS is perfect in the business context for its strength and durability

Mechanical parts: Commonly used in industry, ABS tends to bend rather than break while maintaining excellent shock-resistance

Printing tips

  • Extrusion temperature 220 to 260°C
  • Plate temperature 70 to 100°C
  • Material ABS

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Data sheet
Brand Esun
Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Type of consumables Filament (non proprietary)
Filament diameter 3mm (compatible 2.85mm), 1.75mm
Material ABS
Net weight 1 Kg
Extrusion temperature 220 to 260°C
Build plate temperature 70 to 100°C (heated build plate required)
Density 1.08 g/cm³
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