David PRO SLS-3

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The new David PRO SLS-3 is an evolution of the 3D David scanner. Using structured light scanning technology, which is highly accurate (30 microns or 0.06mm or 0.05% of the size of the object scanned), the SLS-3 is the scanner for professionals.

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David PRO SLS 3: Professional scanner, fast and accurate

3D scanning with the SLS-3 lets you scan real objects in 3D to obtain a digital file (modifiable if required) to be printed with a 3D printer or used in CAD or on CNC machines.

The David PRO SLS-3 uses structured light scanning technology which has overtaken laser thanks to its greater accuracy and increased computing capacity software.

David SLS-3 with structured light: the professional way to scan

The new DAVID-SLS-3 scanner uses the innovative technology of structured light, which produces a very precise scan in seconds.

How does it work?

A projector projects a light pattern onto the subject and observes how it deforms. A camera, slightly offset from the projector, records any deformation. A triangulation technique is used to calculate the distance, and therefore the position of the points. The pattern scans the field of view to record, a band at a time, information about the distances.

A 3D scanner that’s fast and portable

The scanner is portable and can be easily placed in front of the scanning surface. A simple click in the DAVID 4 software is all it takes to get a 3D digitised model in seconds, possibly in colour, visible on your computer screen. Then scan all the other sides of the object, and combine them together to obtain a closed 360° file.

Transfer the STL file to your 3D printer and print!


David SLS-3 – scanning without limits

The maximum shot size with the SLS is 300x500mm. The advantage of the PRO SLS-3 scanner is its ability to scan without a reference source (calibration panels) so it can rotate around the object and thus scan a larger object in several shots. The SLS-3’s calibration panels are simply used to calculate the angle between the camera and the projector for the reconstruction algorithm. Once calibration is complete, it’s best to remove them from the field of vision.

David PRO Edition 4 software

The DAVID LASER SCANNER PRO EDITION 4 software (supplied with the David PRO SLS 2) is an open source software, transforming each shot into a point cloud. The software assembles into a single repository the different views to create a complete 360° textured model.

The advantages of the David PRO SLS-3 3D scanner:
  • Professional scanner, up to 1 million vertices per scan
  • Structured light for precise details (0.05% of the scan up to 60 microns)
  • Rapid scanning with 2-second sweeps
  • PRO Edition 4 editing software
  • No scan size limit (excluding calibration reference panels)

David PRO SLS-3 Scanner pack contents
  • HDMI adap>
  • HD projector with special lens for a wide focus range
  • DAVID-Laserscanner Pro Edition 4 software, USB key containing the licence key
  • Aluminium support slide with runner providing configuration flexibility for adjusting the distance between camera and projector
  • Camera mounted on a runner for quick and easy installation of the projector and camera (for accurate, optimal configuration)
  • Adjustable tripod to take accurate, stable shots
  • Calibration panels of different sizes
  • Printed user manual
  • Full connectivity
  • Power adapters for more than 150 countries.

Configuration required:

  • Workstation recommended: CPU 2 GHz DualCore, 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics card  : 3D 1 GB of RAM card
  • Software: Windows 7/8 64 Bits
  • Connections: 1 USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports

Differences between the SLS-2 and SLS-3 scanners

Twice as fast

The David SLS-3 scanner scans in 2 seconds per side compared to 4 seconds for the previous version.

Twice as accurate

The lens and projector used with the SLS-3 allow for 0.05% precision of the object scanned up to 30 microns compared with 0.1% (60 microns) for the previous version.


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Data sheet
Brand HP
Technology 3D Scanning
Type Scanner 3D
Connexion USB Cable 2.0 / 3.0
Scan volume No limited (30 x 50 cm with pannels)
Sensor Projector + PRO Camera
Precision 0.03mm (30 microns)
OS Compatibility Windows 7, 8, 10
Warranty 1 year
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