Zortrax Inventure

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The Zortrax Inventure is the latest 3D printer from Zortrax. A professional printer with 2 heads, specially designed for complex parts.

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Zortrax Inventure in detail

The Zortrax Inventure is a smart and affordable 3D printer that offers excellent reliability and professional-quality 3D printing to a wider audience. With its heated enclosed chamber, it prints complex parts with flawless design results, without cracks or distortion. Consistent operating temperatures and Z-Suite software provide dimensional accuracy and repeatability.

Zortrax Inventure for complex parts

The Zortrax Inventure uses DSS (Dissolvable Support System) technology to create, on the one hand, a model of the printed part, while at the same time printing soluble supports for cantilevered parts (overhangs).

The Zortrax Inventure support system

The Zortrax Inventure 3D printer has a fast and easy-to-use support removal system, with an ultrasound station and support material that dissolves in a water-based liquid. With the support system, you can print complex parts with moving mechanisms in a single print. Simply place your item printed on the Inventure in the liquid for a few hours and watch the support disappear completely, leaving a smooth print without any unwanted parts.
Inventure: materials for printingThe Zortrax Inventure 3D printer is designed for professional use with materials that match the standards used in industry.

List of available proprietary filaments:

Z-ULTRAT Plus material: Durable and hard-wearing, suitable for prototyping mechanical parts, models, design prototypes. This material has been specifically designed for the Zortrax Inventure. Z-Ultrat Plus is perfect for prototyping work items and end-use printed items. It can be used for precise pre-production tests because it mimics products manufactured using plastic injection technology.

Z-Support material: Z-Support filament lets you print soluble parts that support the finished item. This consumable dissolves in water once printing is complete.

All the Zortrax filaments

Z-Suite: Powerful printing software

Very functional, Z-Suite software automatically adjusts all the print settings. Once the filament type has been input, the configuration is done and the file is ready to be printed via the SD card to be inserted into the 3D printer.

The special features of the Zortrax Inventure

Made for prototyping complex parts, the Zortrax Inventure has lots of useful features for use in the working environment.

  • Maximum precision 90 microns
  • Easy-to-use cartridge system
  • 2-headed printing with support system
  • Closed, thermo-regulated printing chamber
  • Integrated air filter
  • Cartridge use detector
  • Z-Suite software with automatic setting
  • Complete pack for 3D printing

Zortrax Inventure 3D printer video

Data sheet
Brand Zortrax
Weight 22 Kg
Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Build volume (L x W x H) 135 x 135 x 130 mm
Product dimensions 350 x 350 x 400 mm
Precision (layer height) 400 to 90 microns
Max. speed 150mm/s
Thermo regulated chamber Yes
Type of consumables Zortrax cartridge
Nozzle diameter 0.40mm
Number of nozzle 2
Heated build plate No
Software Z-Suite
Type of files STL /OBJ / DXF
OS Compatibility Windows / Linux
Warranty 2 ans (hors système d'extrusion)
Sales Item on sale
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