Igus Tribo-Filament 

Igus is a brand specialized in plastic materials production. Igus offers a whole range of filaments for 3D printing in Iglidur. The filaments have the distinctness of being 50 times more resistant to abrasion than other materials used such as PLA and ABS.

Thanks to extensive research, Igus offers a large number of professional quality filaments, all of which have characteristics that make it possible to manufacture special parts and prototypes for industry.


Igus filaments range


To meet the customers’ demands, Igus manufactures different types of Tribo-filaments in Iglidur, available in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter. The Igus I180 filament makes it possible to print very resistant parts to produce bearings and gears. For printing complex parts, Igus has produced the I170 filament. It is the most wear-resistant filament in Iglidur. Igus also offers the I150 filament, which is a simple printing material and is used for making prototypes and test parts. For the pharmaceutical and food industry, Igus offers the C210, a filament which is highly resistant to chemicals and does not deteriorate when in contact with solvents and aggressive cleaners. Finally, Tribo-filament J260 can withstand very high temperatures during the printing, up to 120 °C continuously.


Igus products characteristics


Igus’s Tribo-filaments in Iglidur are all characterized by their high resistance to wear and abrasion. Igus products are made of high quality materials that meet professional requirements for 3D printing of prototypes, test pieces and small series. Igus Tribo-filaments printing is done on a heated plate and requires the use of Buildtak support.
Printing tips such as extrusion temperature, filament diameter, or printing speed for each filament are available on the product sheets. Our technical team is also available to answer your questions about the use of Igus Tribo-filaments.

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