David 3D 

David 3D scanners are made in Germany in Koblenz and in Brauchweig. The David 3D range includes scanning systems as well as all the accessories needed for precisely-measured work. The manufacturer David 3D offers all the tools required by individuals and professionals in the field of 3D scanning. David 3D products are affordable and effective.

The DAVID Vision System company was created in 2009. It develops equipment and software aimed at scanning and digitising 3D surfaces. The company focuses on the development of affordable solutions that are adaptable to various environments. David 3D offers precision scanners that allow you to produce accurate and complete scans of all your pieces, they can scan very large volumes with high accuracy.

Buying DAVID 3D products

Makershop3D has selected 3 scanners from David 3D, with each one having a specific application. The David starter kit allows you to scan small objects very easily and this affordable and easy to use scanner is intended for use in education. The DAVID Pro SLS-2 is aimed at individuals who want a high quality scan with a relatively easy to use scanner. The DAVID Pro SLS-3 is aimed at professionals who need to produce precision scans of large and small volumes. In addition to scanners, Makershop3D offers accessories such as a turntable or spray for 3D scanning.

David 3D: prices, tests, reviews

All the scanners from the David 3D brand are professional quality scanners and are aimed at individuals or professionals depending on the model, they enable very precise scans of everyday objects or industrial pieces and these scanners will be suitable both for to individuals seeking a high-performance product, and professionals looking for a scanner suited to their needs. These scanners can scan different volumes from the very smallest object to some that are the size of a car, for example. They are easy to use but still allow to deepen and refine the scan by adjusting the various settings of the 3D scanner.


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